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10 Things You Need To Be Successful

Do you have what it takes to be successful? You don’t need the right family, an inheritance, supportive parents, good looks, or anything else that’s beyond your control. Those things can certainly make the road smoother, but they’re not imperative.

We can create everything we need to be successful:

1. A vision for the future. It’s important to know what we want. How will we get what you want if we don’t know what we want? A vision for the future is the same as making decisions about what we want and don’t want.

That vision also provides the motivation to continue when things become challenging, and they will.

2.Goals. Once we have a vision, we’re in the position to create goals to make that vision a reality. Failing to have goals is deciding to keep our life the same.

3. The ability to create effective habits. A thin, attractive, healthy body is the result of an effective set of habits. Effective habits will also provide us with a healthy bank account. Our ability to reach our goals is largely dependent on our ability to create and implement effective habits.

4. The ability to connect with others. There aren’t too many things we can do completely on our own. Others will be involved along the way. They might be customers, clients, suppliers or partners.

5. The ability to deal with discomfort. Success involves change. Change is uncomfortable. How do we handle discomfort? Do we become overwhelmed, grab the remote, and head for the couch with a plate full of cookies? Or do we take a deep breath, step up, and take care of business?

We become successful when we are able to act even when we feel uncomfortable.

6. Proactivity. Successful individuals look ahead and make appropriate plans. They see their future opportunities and challenges and modify their plans and behaviors accordingly. Life also goes more smoothly if we’re proactive.

7. Grit. Much of the journey to reach our goals isn’t fun or exciting. It’s a grind. The ability to persevere when there’s nothing exciting going on is a good way to gauge how successful we can become. The easier it is for us to give up, the less likely we are to become successful.

8. Patience. Patience and grit are related. Creating success requires time and patience. Patience is necessary to see concrete results. Without patience, frustration eventually wins.

9. A regular review of our results. Having a vision and goals isn’t enough. It’s important to review the results we’re getting. Is our plan working? Could we make some changes that would bring better results? Let’s measure and review our results regularly.

10. A good sense of humor. Life is funny. Things will go wrong no matter how well we prepare. Also, unique opportunities pop up along the way. If we can laugh at life and its follies, we’ll have a better chance of experiencing and enjoying success.

Success doesn’t require anything outside of our control.  We need a vision, a plan to get there, and the ability to follow through. We can be as successful as anyone we’ve ever known. Take control and create a life that pleases you. Begin today by creating a vision of the future that compels you to make goals and take action.

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