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15 Ways To Increase Your Motivation

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SELF MOTIVATION can help you live better and accomplish more. Learn 15 ways to take more satisfaction in everything you do rather than depending solely on external motivators.

1. Identify your flow experiences

You’ve probably heard about top athletes and performers talking about being in the zone. Those are the occasions when they are so caught up in the moment and what they’re doing, they lose track of everything else. Try to identify those experiences where you are so caught up in what you’re doing, you totally forget about everything else, almost as if you are  in a state of effortless, blissful meditation.

2. Keep a daily diary

If you need help determining what conditions trigger flow for you, try keeping a diary. You may find that gardening or number crunching is what excites you. Or you may find out that you’re more of a morning person than a night owl, or that you do your best work after dinner.

3. Set specific goals

Keeping tabs on your progress are also a great way to keep yourself engaged. Give yourself measurable targets and timelines to aim for.

4. Take on new challenges

Stretch your abilities by venturing into new areas. Put yourself to the test with something that’s demanding, but within reach. Learn a new language or prepare to take a certification for a popular software program.

5. Streamline your schedule

On the other hand, you may also benefit by removing some tasks from your to do list to make more time for things that are most important to you.

6. Find out what motivates you

Many experts believe that most of our actions are motivated  by a combination of  internal and external factors. For example, you may value your paycheck, but it may also important that your job makes a positive contribution to society.

7. Put more of yourself in your daily tasks

Sometimes a demanding task can be turned into something more meaningful by thinking of the outcome and the rewards you will reap once you are finished. Cleaning out the house may feel like a chore, but all that’s forgotten once you think about your friends coming over for dinner.

8. Adopt an attitude of continuous learning

Choose learning methods that work for you and try to relate what you learn to your daily life and work.

9. Develop a support network

Working in groups can liven things up. Gather your friends, neighbors and colleagues together to form support groups. Share responsibilities and tasks whenever possible.

10. Remind yourself of your purpose

Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing something and keep your ideal outcome in mind. It’s easier to wake up at 6 every morning to go to the gym when you remember you want to make a good impression on your new boyfriend or girlfriend.

11. Remain Enthusiastic

A positive attitude will make any job less stressful. Smile and look on the bright side.

12. Ask for feedback

We can all help each other to feel more motivated by being willing to share constructive feedback or criticism. Provide feedback and share information with your support newtwork.

13. Seek variety

Alternating between tasks can help you stay fresh. Avoid the temptation of doing too much at once though. Batch similar tasks together and maybe devote 30 minutes to 2 hours at a time to completing each set of tasks. You may find it much easier to get through the day.

14. Get adequate rest

Building regular breaks into your schedule also keeps you motivated and in top condition. Make time for play and reflection. Stick to a consistent bedtime and take naps if you need to supplement your regular sleep.

15. Find ways to serve others

All work becomes more joyful and fulfilling when you view it from the perspective of how it can benefit others.  Granted, there are certain jobs and careers that naturally lend themselves to this. But even if your job or career doesn’t directly relate to helping others, you can still volunteer your time at, say, the local animal shelter. Helping others is so much more satisfying!


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