Compelling Business Copy

When Johannes Gutenberg started experimenting with printing in 1438, he had no idea how much his movable type press would revolutionise communications.

Back then, your words had little chance of travelling past your close-knit community.

Today, it only takes a few seconds for your words to reach the far side of the world. Your business and your brand are judged by them.

Your buyers will make their decisions based on what they remember about you. And you can’t hope to influence those decisions if your messages and content aren’t memorable.

In other words, you’ve got to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time. It’s very tempting to turn to technology, but really you need to start with your words. 

Because words are how your prospects communicate, and words are how they get to know you.

If you believe Business Copy should be clear, insightful and helpful, we couldn’t agree more. Your copy should speak for your brand. 

We will…

Write Your Ideal Customer Profile

Because, before you craft your perfect message, it makes sense to figure out who you’re speaking to.

Write Your Key Message Copy

Your Key Message Copy is your messaging master plan. It keeps your messaging on point and avoids confusion. It helps your staff and your contractors produce consistent copy quickly and efficiently. 

It’s your single point of reference that holds all your key messages for promoting your product or service. We’ll draft your key messaging document.

Write Your Content Marketing Plan

You may have written your key message copy and you may have written your ideal customer profile. But you also need a plan to get your message in front of your buyers. More and more businesses are turning to content to differentiate themselves. 

We’ll help you draft a content marketing plan, so that you can be sure your message stands out.

SEO and Keyword Research

Speaking the language of your customer is crucial to your messaging. We’ll research the keywords your audience uses, and we’ll weave them into your copy. This way your prospects find you, and you show them you care. 

Website Audits

It’s no use having great copy if a slow website or awkward design chase your prospects away. That’s why we’ll review your website and offer our recommendations.