5 Effective Habits of Top Sales Performers

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Anyone who’s ever heard of the Pareto Principle will have heard that the top 20% of the salespeople in a business produce 80% of the results. Although not strictly correct, arithmetically speaking, it still holds true that most of the results in your business will fall on the back of the performance of just a few key performers. So what can we , as business owners and entrepreneurs, learn from the behaviours of these top performers. Entrepreneur.com has some tips:

  1. They do not waste their valuable time speaking to people who have no influence over the buying decision (this does NOT mean they treat everyone else like dirt)
  2. They focus their efforts on selling higher value products and services
  3. They do not waste time on non income generating activities
  4. They leverage the power of referrals (after all, once somebody has made the decision to buy from you, it makes perfect sense for them to recommend you to some of their contacts
  5. They’re outcome driven, not process driven

Top sales coach Brian Tracy has the following take:

As entrepreneurs we constantly operate with limited resources, and time is the most valuable resource we have, so anything we do must focus on extracting the maximum value out of our limited time.


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