Why This Ex-Convict Might Be the Best CMO Ever

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Every hardship brings its own opportunity. It is in the nature of a true entrepreneur to make the most out of the any situation, no matter how challenging it is.

Coss Marte is the founder and CEO of ConBody, one of the fastest growing fitness programs in New York. Marte’s road to success, however, was forged along a path less traveled. His brilliant business ethos didn’t evolve at an Ivy League school, but rather on street corners, and later, in prison. Marte’s story is unique, and ConBody just wouldn’t be the same without it.

The long warm-up

By age 19, Marte was earning, he estimates, around $2 million per year as a drug dealer in New York City. Like any budding entrepreneur, he learned to read people, manage others, optimize his operations and pivot. When the law finally sent Marte to prison in upstate New York, a medical examination revealed that he had maybe five years to live, due to extremely high cholesterol.

Own and cherish your uniqueness:

“I was tired of hiding that I was an ex-felon,” Marte says. He decided that the program would own and embody the idea of incarceration.

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