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How To Change Anyone, Even Yourself

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You may have been wanting to start your own business, but you keep putting it off.

Or you may have been wanting to write a new book, create a new product, … but you just can’t seem to get round to it.

Or maybe you just want to exercise more or eat healthier.

Whatever the change is that you’re wanting to make, you might be having a tough time making it happen.

Or perhaps you want to help someone else to make a change.

According to Instant Influence: How to Get Anyone to Do Anything by Michael Pantalon, instead of telling them why they might want to change, you ask them why they might want to change, using these six steps:

Step 1: Why might you change? (Or if the person is you, ask yourself, “Why might I change?”)

Step 2: How ready are you to change – on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 means “not ready at all” and 10 means, “totally ready?”

Step 3: Why didn’t you pick a lower number? (Or if the ‘influencee’ picked 1, either ask the second question again, this time about a smaller step toward change, or ask, “What would it take for that 1 to turn into a 2?”)

Step 4: Imagine you’ve changed. What would the positive outcomes be?

Step 5: Why are those outcomes important to you?

Step 6: What’s the next step, if any?

That’s it. I invite you to try this one yourself first, before you try it on someone else. See what happens.

According to the reviews on Amazon, this simple process has literally changed lives, so maybe it will change yours.

William Alldred

William Alldred is an Affiliate Marketer with a passion for building profitable businesses around his lifestyle and helping others do the same along the way.
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