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Develop 9 Winning Habits

Winning and losing have something in common: they’re both habits. You probably know someone that can’t win at anything, no matter how many opportunities are thrown their way. You also know someone that’s the exact opposite. They win at everything, even though they don’t seem to have any opportunities.

To be the winner, develop the habits that enable you to win consistently:

1. Set goals. You can’t win if you don’t define your goals. Know what you’re trying to accomplish. Set clear goals with achievable deadlines. Create a target that you find motivating and exciting. But be flexible in your approach to achieving  your goals.

2. Create habits that support your goals. Discipline and willpower are in limited supply. Use them to create the habits you need to reach your goals. Once you have a habit, willpower becomes unnecessary.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight., develop healthy eating and exercise habits. If your goal is to find the partner of your dreams, develop a habit of starting conversations with people outside of your social circle.

3. Clear the clutter. Our lives are full of things that get in the way. They can be possessions, activities, or even people. Get rid of the refuse in your life. Make room for success and minimize the obstacles and distractions you face.

4. Get help. You can accomplish a lot on your own. You can accomplish much more with help. Odds are that someone has already accomplished your goal. Wouldn’t it make sense to get some guidance and advice since you’ve taken the same journey? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from others’ mistakes.

5. Accept full responsibility. You’re ultimately responsible for your own success. Even if you have a mentor, it’s still your responsibility. Be comfortable with this. It means that you have control.

6. Embrace failure. Failing is just getting a result you didn’t intend. Failures are opportunities to perfect your approach. The more you fail, the more successful you’ll become.

Everyone fails. However, it’s important not to repeat your failures. Ensure you’re learning something each time.

7. Use your time wisely. Time is the great equaliser. Kings, CEOs, teachers, students, and road diggers all have 24 hours each day. Using these hours wisely is the key. Are you spending your time wisely or wasting it? The most successful people are those that make the most of their day.

8. Continue to gain knowledge. More knowledge results in better decisions. But avoid the trap of learning at the expense of actually doing something. Spend a few hours each week learning something that you can apply toward achieving your goals.

9. Persevere. Winners never quit. By the same token, you can’t lose if you don’t quit. Just keep on going. You’ll eventually win as long as you’re willing to persist. If you quit, you’ve lost.

Build the perseverance habit into your daily life. When you have the urge to quit an activity, keep going until that activity is completed. It might be doing the laundry, pulling weeds, or working on a report for work. Learn to stick with tasks after you feel the desire to stop. The habit will transfer to other activities.

Are you ready to be a winner? Winning is the result of having a goal, developing useful habits, and persisting until success is achieved. Winning isn’t more work than losing. The work is just different. Begin today to develop the habits you need to win consistently.

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