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3 Steps to Authentic Leadership

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Authenticity is not an excuse for behaving badly or mindless self-expression. It is a tool for personal and professional well-being and serving others in our greatest capacity.

It is often times very difficult to come up with our own authentic leadership style when running our own businesses. Part of the difficulty is knowing what’s great leadership and what’s just “fluff”:  The 4 Drivers And Derailers Of Leadership Success –  grit and emotional intelligence as true drivers of leadership vs. pure dominance or deference.

I hear a perceived contradiction from leaders between the goal of being “true to oneself” and the need to develop skills outside one’s comfort zone.

The best place to start is right from where we are right now.

What’s important to remember is that we are each given certain raw materials to work with: our own natural talents and personality.

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In the video below goes into quite some depth and analyses what makes great leadership. I think the most important take-away from this is “self leadership”. We first must take responsibility for our own leadership before we can be of any help or use to anyone else:



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