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How Failure Makes You A Better Leader

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There are many people who have failed miserably in business before eventually hitting it big. And while the initial failure may have been difficult to swallow, each person achieved even better results later on.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business people have gone through many failures and disappointments before they finally struck gold. Where most people would have given up, here are some of the lessons we can all learn from our failures:

  1. Flexibilty. Be prepared to change your approach if something doesn’t work
  2. Adaptability. Do not become fixated on your ideas if they’re obvioulsy not working.
  3. A dose of humility goes a long way towards achieving your goals
  4. Be prepared to move outside your comfort zone every now and then.

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Being a leader doesn’t mean that you’re always right or that you won’t err. What being a leader does mean is airing the reasons for why you did something and then making yourself accountable for the results-even if those you’re accountable to don’t directly work for you…read more at



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