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I Attract Prosperity Into My Life

I am truly fortunate. Prosperity comes to me in a variety of ways, and I take full advantage of those opportunities that come into my life. I am a magnet for prosperity.

I receive wonderful financial opportunities each week. I have multiple options for increasing my income. My income is growing and expanding. I am building additional streams of income that are ensuring my prosperity now and in the future.

Everything I want and need in life is attracted to me. All of my hopes and dreams are being delivered to me.

Occasionally, I receive what I want or need in the form of a challenge. These are lessons I need to learn to take my life to the next level. I am open to receiving and mastering these challenges. I trust that the universe knows what I need.

I keep my mind open to all the ways prosperity can arrive in my life.

Possibilities are presented to me, and then it is my responsibility to make the most of them. I take responsibility for my actions. I attract possibilities and then act on them with my full focus and effort.

Today, I have the attitudes and beliefs of a prosperous person. I am attracting all forms of prosperity into my life. I am open to receiving the best that life has to offer.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is my definition of prosperity? How would I know if I am prosperous?
  2. Am I open receiving the things and the life that I want to attract?
  3. What is my general attitude toward money? How can I bring more money into my life?
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