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I Set Myself Up For Success

I lay a foundation for success. I make my own luck when I turn my ideas into action. I aim to top my last performance. I always win when I surpass my previous expectations.

I set realistic goals. I challenge myself without overreaching. I visualize my desired outcomes and maintain my commitment. I create intermediate targets that help me to evaluate my progress and boost my motivation.

I manage my time. I minimize distractions and keep my eye on my priorities.

I leverage my strengths. I understand my talents and abilities. I look for opportunities where I can make a contribution. I collaborate with partners who share my vision.

I gather resources. I acquire new knowledge and skills. I do my homework and line up the funds and expertise necessary for my projects to flourish.

I invite feedback and support from others. I listen with an open mind to constructive criticism and use it to enhance my performance. I reach out for assistance and guidance when I need it.

I overcome obstacles. I learn from setbacks. I persevere until I achieve my objectives.

I take care of my health. I eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and go to bed on a consistent schedule. I deal with stress safely by taking frequent breaks and developing relaxation methods that work for me. I keep my mind and body in peak condition.

Today, I plant the seeds for my future success. I develop my capacity to accomplish great things.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I define success?
  2. What does my inner voice tell me about how I can become successful?
  3. How does celebrating the success of others create more good fortune for me?
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