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10 Millionaire Motivational Secrets

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It’s hard to say ahead of the game when you’re running your own business. Daily challenges can often make that entrepreneurial dream seem to shrink  farther and farther away. has put together this 10 point list to help you stave off the blues:

  1. Use the fear of failure as a spur to achievement
  2. Harness your passions
  3. Harness the power of affirmations (you have your favourites written down, right ?)
  4. Harness the fear of rejection (goes back to point no 1)
  5. Cultivate your success peer group
  6. Don’t dwell on your failures and setbacks
  7. Make a point of seeking out inspiration
  8. Don’t become too obsessive
  9. Be grateful for what you have achieved so far
  10. Don’t wait until you feel like it before you do it

Great advice is golden. How many of these strategies do you agree with ?

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Evan Carmichael talks about the importance of enjoying the process :



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