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My Instincts Lead to Prosperity

Prosperity is in my blood. I am naturally attracted to thinking, behaviors, and decisions that result in financial abundance. I trust my instincts when it comes to money. I know that financial gains are coming my way when I trust my instincts.

I avoid second-guessing myself. I know how to be financially successful. My only true obstacle is myself.

My instincts are strong and correct. I occasionally doubt myself, but this is a mistake. When I trust myself, great things happen.

I have a nose for financial opportunities. I can see all the angles and know how to make the best financial decisions based on the situation. It is a gift that I am grateful to have.

Prosperity is attracted to me like a moth to a flame. I deserve to be prosperous and happy.

I am destined for great financial prosperity. I make wise decisions each day and know that I am moving toward great financial abundance. It is my right to enjoy a healthy financial life.

Money regularly comes to me in unexpected ways. I am constantly amazed by my good financial fortune. Prosperity comes to me each and every day. My financial empire is growing.

Today, I follow my instincts. I welcome financial prosperity into my life. My instincts lead me to prosperity and financial abundance. I am open to making great financial strides today.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I failed to follow my instincts and been sorry?
  2. When have I followed my instincts and been right?
  3. What would happen if I trusted myself more? What would I gain?
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