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Top 6 Actions to Achieve Your Goals

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If you feel stumped with resolutions and endless goalsetting, a new approach may help. Try these other approaches instead:

1. Make your goals tangible

One of the most common mistakes is to may make your goals too idealistic.

You may have ambitions of travelling the world, reading a book every week, or losing 200 lbs in 6 months. However, there may be many practical considerations like time, money and location. So in order not to get discouraged too soon it may make sense to make your goals and dreams more tangible by breaking them down into achievable mini steps. For example, taking a mini break to Paris next month.

2. Make your goals a lifelong journey

It’s easy to get upset when you miss a goal you’ve set for yourself. Instead of doing this, what if you turned this around and looked at your goals like a lifelong journey, with valuable lessons to be learned along the way, where each leg of the journey is one more step towards your final destination? This is a much more positive and fruitful attitude.

It will help to create a plan that will get you to that goal. You can write it down on paper or your computer, and review it whenever you get the opportunity. Remember, this is only meant as a guide, not sacred law. Also, set milestones and reward yourself along the way.

3. Find some way of measuring your progress

In some cases, you may be very close to achieving your goals, but you give up too soon. By measuring your progress, you’ll be able to see where you’re making progress more clearly.

This way, you’ll be more motivated to stay on the journey and keep pushing toward your resolution.

Set up a system to track your progress. Try different tools, such as calendars, journals, or logs to keep track of your goals and see which system works best for you.

4. Build a support network

Sometimes you might fail simply because you don’t ask for help and try to do everything by yourself. Perhaps a little help will bring you success!

It’s normal to need help along your journey. It won’t hurt to have a support network behind you to help you towards your goals. Turn to friends, family, coworkers, and others for support.

Asking for help can help you achieve your goals faster and make the entire process easier as you work towards your targest.

5. Be adaptable

If needs and ambitions change, be prepared to change your goals. Sometimes goals need to be changed and modified. You may evolve as a person and realize that your earlier ambitions are no longer relevant.

Your circumstances are constantly affecting your mindset and the way you see things. As you accumulate knowledge, wisdom, and experience over time, it’s only normal your goals will change.

6. Keep growing

Growth is inevitable, as long as you keep learning and applying.

In some cases, failure may be a blessing because it teaches you valuable life lessons you wouldn’t have realized before. Without failure, you may not change enough to grow.

Failure isn’t the end, and you can always set new goals.

The real thing is not the goal, the real thing is the beauty of the movement. The real thing is not reaching, the real thing is the journey. Remember, the real thing is the journey, the very traveling. It is so beautiful, why bother about the goal? And if you are too bothered about the goal, you will miss the journey, and the journey is life – the goal can only be death. – Rajneesh

It’s more important to grow and become stronger than to reach every goal on your list. Remember, your list will also change, so it won’t look the same as when you started.

Be proactive about your goals! Take effective actions that support you and your goals, and you’ll find that achievement comes much easier.


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