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How to Use Your Personal Brand to Stand Out

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GIVEN that your prospects and customers are bombarded every single day with the same old offers,  What can you do to stand out?

Let’s take a common example, the online marketing niche: Everyone is claiming to have THE product that will enable ANYONE to make a ton of money…or at least it seems that way.

But the fact is people are becoming more and more confused with all this information. According to research 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is pushed out every day online. Now, I have no idea what a quintillion is but it sounds to me like an awful big number…What your prospects are crying out for is more guidance, not more information.

And here you come, offering not to sell them the latest greatest program, but simply offering to help them solve their problem.

Refreshing isn’t it?

You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don't do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it. - Gary Vaynerchuk

So going back to our online marketing niche, what’s their immediate problem or pain? Is it really  making a ton of money or is it much more to do with learning how to make enough money to live the life they’ve always wanted? Sure, this might actually involve making a ton of money, but there is a big  difference in thinking.

So finally they’ve found someone who speaks their language and on their level, instead of trying to call them to the top of Mt. Everest when they aren’t even confident with wall climbing. Sure, you’ve got to push people into action but let’s face it, when you’re struggling to make a dime in your business, making a million bucks seems about as likely as scaling Everest with no prior experience.

A million bucks is definitely achievable, the evidence is all around us, but you’ve got to break it down into more attainable goals.

So, instead of positioning yourself as a guru, you position yourself as the guy next door who also happens to run a thriving business. You’ll teach them what you know over a few proverbial cups of coffee with some good conversation to boot.

Now who wouldn’t jump at that?

Notice there’s two elements at play here:

First, you’re breaking down that sky-high goal into something more believable.

Win the world triathlon series? Not likely. Lose 20 pounds and feel better? Bring it on!

Second is your own positioning. Instead of being THE Diet Expert or THE Internet Marketing Guru, you are just average Joe or Jane who just also happens to have made it.

Think about your own personality – Foodie? Fitness Junkie? Car Enthusiast? Plane Enthusiast? Gardener? Coffee Snob?

How can you use these aspects of your personality in your business? How can you teach others to do the same? You might be the lady with an allergy that found relief through a proper diet, or the gardener that gets clients to come to him using online marketing.

Use your own life, skills and personality to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

By doing these two things – starting with goals your audience believes they can achieve and being a person they can relate to – you’ll stand apart from your competition.

Your message will become crystal clear and people who resonate with your message will naturally flock to you. You’ll also be much more memorable as the ‘bungee jumping personal trainer’ than any of the other thousands of people teaching physical training online.

And there’s another benefit as well.

People will believe you because you come across as human. You show your mistakes, and you talk a little bit about yourself.

Sometimes it may make sense to show the Lamborghinis, the mansions and the yachts on tropical beaches…but don’t make that your main message.


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